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Welcome to my website - a little about me - I am a secondary school ICT teacher who is currently working in a private school. I have primarily created this site for my students to be able to download or link to tutorial videos based on the IGCSE ICT Cambridge syllabus. I realised sometime ago students prefer to watch tutorials rather than work through paper-based help sheets so I thought this might be a good idea and also keep my skills sharp.
I have a wide range of interests but I suppose you could say my main interest is in computers. I know the UK government have had a total re-think regarding ICT in favour of computing in schools so I will probably add computer studies related material to this site at some point.
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• About Me:

Why call my site sofaboy? Well most of the people who know me well think I spend far to much time being inactive either watching TV or messing about on the computer ( I know there are lots of us out there!) so it sort of developed from there. However, that was not always the case I used to be heavily involved in scuba diving and kyaking at one time in my life. Then I became a teacher and well couldn't seem to find time for anything else but work.


Poor excuse I know - work life balance - still trying to find it. I absolutely love technology and like to tinker away at different things. When I first started with computers I built my first website in early 2000 I think, but after a while found it too much hastle to maintain. A website should have a purpose and hopefully this one will for my students at least. I suppose with the likes of Facebook and Twitter there is no real need anymore for individuals like myself to produce websites as they make it so easy for you to communicate whatever it is you want to communicate with people. Anyway whenever I think of some more interesting links or things to do I will activate the light blue, purple and green links which are not active at the moment.

• ICT News:

Just in case you haven't heard, the UK Department of Education in a press notice on 11 Jnauary 2012 made quite a serious statement in the aims to replace ICT with computer science in schools.

‘Harmful’ ICT curriculum set to be dropped this September to make way for rigorous Computer Science.

There are lots of differing opinions on this matter - however in my school around 200 pupils every year take ICT compared to 10 pupils taking computer studies. So what happens to those pupils if ICT is dropped as not every student is capable of doing computer studies? The answer is that many of the examination boards have rebranded ICT to IT for the year 2015. A bit of a laugh or what!

read more - Department for Education article

07/08//12 :: Articles page completed. STORY: The Raspberry Pi, a mini-computer launched last week, has been hailed as the device that might help Britain's schoo lchildren improve their knowledge of programming and computer science..


04/08//12 :: New tutorial videos for IGCSE ICT added to YouTube. Just search for sofaboyTV to find my channel. Or checkout the links on the IGCSE ICT page - use the link above.


29/07//12 :: Please note that not all links to this website are active. As the site develops and progresses more links will become active I promise.

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